Top 12 Influencer Marketing Statistics

Top 12 Influencer Marketing Statistics

Table of contents Celebrities & Influencers Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice Depend on Influencer Recommendations TikTok has lended $1 billion Better Customers is Influencer Marketing Beauty and Fashion Industries  7. Spending on Influencer Marketing 8. Trust Social Networks on Purchasing Decisions 9. Ad-Blocking Technology 10. Marketers Spend...

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How Brands Boom Their Marketing During TATA IPL 2022 Season 

Table of contents IntroductionAdvertising Expenditure during IPLHow does IPL marketing work?How did IPL emerge as a popular marketing platform?IPL teams and sponsor-list 2022How can small businesses use IPL as a marketing platform?7. CRED's consistent IPL marketing8. IPL TV advertising9. Muthoot Fincorp's Golden IPL Campaign10. Understanding the...

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