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"The cost of the BBC logo which uses clear letters BBC in square boxes was 1.8 billion dollars"

Over 90% of the global population recognize the iconic Coca-Cola logo, this signifies the importance of constructing a strong brand logo

A brand logo is more than an assembly of letters, symbols, colors and fonts. It is not just a graphical or typographical mark but also about the brand statement and mission.

A brand logo is a visual representation of your brand and needs to resonate with your customers.

Having a logo design that is distinct will help your consumers to recognize your brand even when you alter it over time. This is the reason it is important to have the right logo design irrespective of your company’s size

How Much Small Businesses Spend on Their Corporate Logos in 2021


"Playboy earned $45 million in 2017 from licensing it's logo,which was originally created in 1953"

Visual logos vs Text logos

Visual symbols tend to be more effective than text logos at creating a sense of emotional connection with customers. Visual logos overcome language barriers and are easier to interpret than texts. Logos with separate visual symbols represent an untapped opportunity in reaching out to customers

What is a combination mark?

It is a logo that comprises of a combined wordmark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark or brand mascot. The symbol and text can be laid out next to each other, stacked on top of each other or integrated together to create an image

combination mark
Benefits of an impactful logo

Makes an amazing first impression

Helps to attract customers

Differentiates your business from your competitors

Foundation to your brand identity

Helps foster brand loyalty from the customers

Unforgettable, memorable and capture attention

How can we develop a strong and unique brand logo for you?
FAQs about Brand logo set

It takes about 2-3 weeks to design a logo and it is subject to the customer needs and satisfaction

As soon as the agreed logo is finalized the copyright for that set of logos or particular log is transferred to the partner company or client

Reach out to our team and we can get on a call to establish better designs with the help of your suggestions and requirements

Our team will give you 3 free changes to the design and then we charge for every correction after the third encounter.

It is a document provided by a company with all the details and requirements for designing the logo that is given to the designer.

Unique colors, fonts and other visually appealing features make it easier for customers to understand the core values of the company.

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