Storytelling and video production

Tell your brand story through excellent marketing strategies in the form of brand videos, posts, brand-books and lots more

Create an emotion-evoking narrative for your brand with FyerX

"It is said that in the year 2022, videos will make up more than 86% of all consumer online traffic"

brand storytelling

Brand story is more than just a series of events, it is a suspenseful journey where the audience feels the experience. Some of the most powerful brand stories create a sense of empathy, capture and hold audiences’ attention and compel them to take an action which benefits the customers as well as the brand. To develop a strong brand story, it is important to resonate your core values with your target audience emotionally.

Storytelling and video production go hand-in-hand, your story is depicted in the form of motion film to attract customers and narrate product/brand stories

brand storytelling

video production

It is a whole process of creating a video, whether it is a short film, a full length movie, business marketing video, a TV commercial, music video or any other type of film.

We offer video production as a separate service due to its impact on the audience. It allows companies and individuals to make their audience experience their products or services on a premium level

The video must be targeted and distributed accurately, or the video might not reach a larger audience and may not target potential customers. Your video needs to show customers what makes your product better than the others

Our process of video production
Circle Process Timeline Diagram Graph

” The beauty of a brilliant video marketing plan makes it easier for the viewers to be exposed to what you intend to communicate”

How we strategize video production for you

FAQs about Storytelling and Video production

Search engines are increasingly prioritizing websites with videos and appear in 55% of Google keyword searches

FyerX team helps keep a track of your metrics and we analyze and optimize videos accordingly

It ensures business growth. A well-stimulating video conveys what your brand can do.

A good narration and storyline helps to connect with your audience about the nature of your brand emotionally.

The cost and pricing of the videos depend on the complexity and style of the graphics, content and duration of the video.

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