E-Commerce Development

We help build communicative and interactive E-commerce applications that enhance your customer engagement

“Bring your business online with FyerX’s Ecommerce development services”

Ecommerce Development is the process of developing the technical aspects of your brand’s ecommerce website. This mainly includes functions, payments, how it behaves in response to customer interaction and the aesthetic appearance of the website. Our knowledge and skills are not limited only to ecommerce website development but also to development of apps

Ecommerce development can be complex and many factors go into the creation of a fully functional ecommerce website. Your website performance and user experiences are the most crucial factors that need to be considered

Some of the challenges faced by ecommerce development

This is where FyerX’s team overcomes all these challenges for you and helps you build a secure ecommerce  website

Choosing the right ecommerce framework and strategy

Determining the required features and functionalities for your objectives/projects

Implementation of ecommerce into an existing ecommerce platform

Why is ecommerce development more complex than other types of websites?

e-commerce development

The main reason being that, ecommerce websites are way more than HTML and CSS, they involve online payments from consumers which makes it necessary to have a smooth, easy to navigate and secure website. Accepting online payments from consumers who buy your products needs to be processed securely and with ease. If customers face issues with money or security factors, you lose your potential customers and your brand reputation falls down eventually

"70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer"

What are the factors do we consider?

A responsive design

The goal is to make sure we can deliver a consistent shopping experience for your customers, whether it is accessed on a desktop or a mobile phone

SEO efficiency

We make sure your website is SEO-ready and shows up on the first page of search engines

Site speed

Google uses site speed for ranking websites on its pages. This is why we ensure to give you a fast-loading website


We provide customizable ecommerce websites that offer plugins, extensions, integrations with apps and lots more

Our e-commerce development services

It is said that by the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce


Ecommerce Payments

Track online payments, cash flow and recurring revenue from your online store’s dashboard


Extensions for Carts and Checkouts

We provide a simplified cart-to-checkout experience that helps with conversion rates


Mobile app development

We create simple, seamless and effective mobile applications for your store as well


Ecommerce shipping

We help link your customers’ orders and shipping directly to your ecommerce dashboard


Flexible Ecommerce

We develop your ecommerce website in such a way that it is extendable, scalable, and gives you full control over the data that is being stored on it

Benefits of Ecommerce development

Opportunity to tap new market

Insights on customer data

Low maintenance



Endless Possibilities

Android/iOS app services that we offer
App development
Our strategy for Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce web development has been flourishing in recent years, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Every consumer prefers to shop online these days since it is hassle free and not much physical effort is required. Running an ecommerce store is a great addition to your business and will boost your company’s sales profoundly

ecommerce strategy

Determine what to sell

It is necessary to recognize the products or services your brand is going to sell or resell

Set payment and shipping settings

We make sure every payment is processed securely with the best software and sync all your shipping processes to the store dashboard

Understand the objectives of the business

Whether you plan to your website for B2B or B2C, it is important to realize the goals of your business

Add the products/services

We make sure to add product catalogues, list them methodically, and sync your inventory across all your sales channels

Explore platform options

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms where you can establish your online store

Understand the shopping experience

We focus on understanding the right shopping experience for your customers based on various filters like product size comparison, color, promotions, discounts, etc

Publish the website

After running the prototype website for errors, we optimize it and finally launch the enhanced version of your ecommerce website

FAQs about E-Commerce Development

This entirely depends on the functionalities required by the business for the website. A business model and strategy needs to be made to determine which technology can be used for the development process.

Based on a set of goals, metrics, functionalities, needs and many other factors we can determine exactly what your ecommerce website needs

In order to start your online journey, it is important to determine what products or services you are going to sell. Whether these products are physical goods or digital services. Once this is established, we can set up your website and have it running in no time.

Yes, of course! Every business, large scale or small scale, requires ecommerce websites to help spread brand awareness and to grow the company.

Yes, it will affect your customer base positively. You will gain a worldwide base once you set up your ecommerce website. Now your company will be selling not only in your locality but also globally.

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