UI/UX Design

All our graphic designing, web/mobile app developments, digital services are wholly based on the best UI/UX designs and experience

Create the best UI/UX with FyerX

UI and UX go hand in hand, it is impossible to have one without the other

UI/UX development is more than just illustrations, it is an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE 

"More than 80% of customer engagement is driven by a powerful UX and an intuitive UI"

UI/UX Design

Investing in UI/UX design is an essential part of growing your business because it directly impacts the perception of your company in the eyes of your target audience. Visuals are everything on a website. A good UI helps with customer acquisition, while an engaging UX keeps them satisfied and loyal. In turn, this helps boost your company’s growth and conversion rate.

"Two-thirds of the people who visit a website would rather read visually appealing content than something plain"

Why is UI/UX so important for your business?

A strong UX significantly helps in attracting and retaining customers. An aesthetic UI pleases more than 90% of visitors, making it the best and easiest way to gain your customer’s trust. A seamless UI/UX makes navigation and deliverance smoother and is a great marketing characteristic

UI/UX is focused on customer experience, so it is of utmost importance to creatively implement the best user interface and increase your interactions with your target audience.

Our main aim is to convert these visitors into potential customers by identifying and optimizing new opportunities and maximizing the revenue of your business.


What are UI and UX ?

In simple words, it is the development of a powerful user interface (UI) and the creation of user experience (UX)

Around 5 billion dollars is spent every year to give end-users the best digital experiences.

How we can deliver competent UI/UX designs for you ?

Know your target audience

We deliver designs that are relevant and which are associated with your products and customers.


Develop a well-strategized UI/UX design

We make sure errors are minimized while setting up your user interface and give you and your customers a seamless experience


Optimal research and analytics

We create designs based on analytics of the company sites and research based on the data gathered on session times, site traffic, etc.


Adaptable design for short attention spans

We provide UI/UX that keeps customers engaged by making it direct and catchy.


Thoroughly conceptualized UI/UX

We discuss the structures of pages with you to give you the best UI/UX


Usability testing

After developing your UI/UX, we test its compatibility, resolution, navigation, and responsiveness under extreme conditions

Confused between UI and UX
FAQs about UI/UX Design

InVision Studio, Sketch, and Axure are the best tools available for UI/UX design while designers are also using Craft, Proto.io, Marvel, Adobe XD, and Figma.

UI designers take around 3-4 weeks to complete the designing stage, while UX developers take another month to put forth an exceptional and attractive digital experience for your users

Compared to UX development, UI design costs are relatively low. It takes around 10% of your web development budget and can be optimized further based on testing results and end-user behaviors

The cost of UX development usually ranges somewhere between 15% and 20% of your entire web development budget

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