Website Design

All our graphic designing, web/mobile app developments, digital services are wholly based on the best UI/UX designs and experience

A visually appealing web design helps increase website traffic

In the current digital world, your company website is the first impression your consumers build about your business

It is also the reason web design services have an immense impact on the company’s bottom line. This is the reason more companies are reevaluating their website’s design and updating it with the latest trends

Web designing revolves around creating layouts and visual aspects of a website. The goal is to make sure the site is visually appealing and user-centric and encourages customers and visitors to stay on the website for a longer time. A well-designed website with a brilliant layout structure and framework that increases conversion rates and website traffic. It is crucial to keep websites updated with the latest web design trends and adhere to certain standards and practices

Around 95% of a user's first interaction relates to web design

website design

This often deals with brand imagery, fonts, colors, palettes and many other brand identifying aspects. Some companies even develop web design style guides to ensure that their websites look consistent

"Almost 90% of the users shop with competitors after poor user experience in websites"

This creates a need for seamless mobile optimization of the websites. Every design created must be mobile-friendly and easy to access through all devices. At FyerX we focus on giving the best ROI to our clients by understanding their needs and their target audience

What web design services do we provide at FyerX?

search engine optimization

We maximize the results of web design or redesign by following the best SEO practices


Website Pages

Our designers give every website page a detailed touch. Irrespective of the size of your business, our designers can create webpages that your company requires


Customizable styles

We provide unlimited style options to help capture your brand and emphasize the quality of your products and services


Website copywriting

We optimize your website copy for best SEO results. We focus on high-value keywords that hold relevance to the viewers


Responsive design

We create accessible designs that work brilliantly on all devices



With all our web services we provide a content management system that helps to streamline the content flow in the website

Benefits well-designed website

Increased revenue

Increased online traffic

Creates good first impression for the company

Helps company to remain competent

Builds trust amongst customers

Helps in growing brand awareness

Nothing more convincing than a beautifully structured and designed website.

Gain your customers’ trust and attention by partnering with us and creating efficient websites.

Why do you need a professional web design service

Improve conversion rates

online interaction increases conversion rates and helps attract potential customers

UX optimization

UX testing and development is an important aspect to retain customers on the website for a longer time

Maximize competitive edge

With the development in your company products, it is also crucial to update your website in order to increase sales and market share

Improve search rankings

There is an absolute necessity for your website to rank in the first pages of search engines so that it reaches customers

FAQs about Website Design

Clean flow of the layout, less cluttering of content, device-friendly and user-centric, visually appealing and well-organized content are some of the aspects that are needed to be looked into before designing a website

The most important feature of your website is the content. It defines your whole website and hence should be properly created

It is ideal to use not more than 3 types of fonts in order to maintain uniformity in the website

It is important to align your brand palette with your website. Usually brands have 1-2 colors but sometimes 4-5 colors are used

Yes! we provide a separate website maintenance service in order to keep your well-designed websites fully functional always!

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