Website Development

We design, build and publish websites that are detail-oriented, functional, optimized for mobile and easily accessible

A seamless web development strategy is the first step to gaining online customer traffic

"Mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online"

"48 percent of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining a business’s credibility"

At FyerX we offer creative web development solutions to bring our client’s products and services to a larger audience. With our user-friendly websites solutions our clients can engage and attract potential customers to their websites

Website Development

Our valuable client list trusts us in delivering innovative and highly interactive experiences to their target customers in their website development. 

We specialize in delivering professional web development, dynamic and static web development services in Bangalore. Our main aim is to develop strong, professional, user-centric, and appealing websites for all types of businesses.

Our team understands the client’s requirements and transform the necessities into suitable form. Irrespective of your company’s size, we help you in creating an amazing website


Types of web development



It deals with the server-side development, including databases, servers, APIs, etc. This mainly involves advanced coding languages like Java, Ruby, SQL and other server-side framework which encompasses aspects of a website that is not shown to the viewers



It deals with the front-end portion of websites which users see and interact with. This mainly involves coding in languages like HTML, Javascript as well as CMS such as WordPress to make websites visually appealing to the users


Full stack

It deals with both client and server side developments. These developers are well-versed with both kinds of coding languages and develop both Front-end and Back-end

Solutions we offer for you

Front-End Development

Front-end web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for websites so that user can interact with them directly

E-commerce Store Development

User-friendly interfaces for improving product sales that is fully customizable and highly secured payment gateway setups

Open Source Platform Development

Development of open-source software whose source code is publicly available and is developed by an open-source project

Custom Web Development

We focus on tailor-made websites for a variety of businesses that is uniquely and specifically built just for your company

Our website development process
web development strategy

Researching and planning

We establish your website goals, who your audience will be and what type of content you wish to have

Create a wireframe

We establish and cataloging of the whole page and how it needs to be organized

Back-end development

We write codes and build the mainframe of the website using coding languages

Front-end development

We build the infrastructure of your website and make it look appealing and interactive

Content management system

Using this step we try to cover both front-end and back-end development

Purchase domain name

We help you acquire your website name through which users will find you

Launch the website

The last step is to publish your website for the users to view and interact

"67% of users may return to a website again if it's mobile-friendly"

How to we ease the web development process for you?
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Expert web developers

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web development icon3

Reliable, stable & efficient websites

web development icon4

On-time delivery

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Secured coding techniques

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Advanced web protection services

Pour team consists of enthusiastic, innovative and proficient web developers who keep themselves updated with the latest competitive technologies in the market.

In addition, we make it an utmost priority to keep our clients informed about the daily progressions of the web development process. We intend to gain insights from them regularly to produce websites that are satisfactory to our clients

Benefits of Web Development
  • Helps establish brand identity
  • Helps boost brand recognition
  • Helps build connections with customers
  • It helps drive sales
  • It is crucial for digital marketing
  • Makes customer services faster
  • Helps compete with large brands in local area
  • Building a website is a vital part of every business, especially in the growing age of digital marketing where everything happens online.
  • Your trust in FyerX helps us build better websites for your company.
  • For further information on our web development service, feel free to contact us!
FAQs about Website Development

This is mainly to establish an online presence and reach larger audiences.

Our clients' insights are essential to us. We show you prototypes and demos of the design regularly to gain opinions from our clients.

Whether you are a startup, enterprise or an established brand, we serve all varieties of industries and foster business growth.

In order to develop a seamless and effective website, it takes us nearly 3-6 months to come up with the final version of the website depending on the complexity.

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