Website Maintenance

We help monitor and maintain web analytics, customer engagement and the overall performance and robustness of the website

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Website Maintenance is the process of regularly checking your website for errors and issues and keeping it updated and relevant. This must be done consistently to keep websites healthy and to encourage traffic growth.

A well-maintained website is crucial to all companies irrespective of their size because it helps retain customers

Why is website maintenance important?


Keeping websites updated increases traffic and ranks you on the first pages of search engines automatically

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Customer Attraction/Engagement

Retaining potential customers is important and to do that customer engagement with relevant content is needed

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Customer information as well as company information stored on the website must be secured with the best security software

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Corporate image

Your website needs to be creative and professional at the same time in order to impress customers and build a professional image in the eyes of your viewers

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Saves time and money

Website maintenance helps cut down on budget and also eases the process of marketing and saves time

 It has been said that businesses that do not invest on maintaining their websites incur a larger loss

What do our maintenance plans include?

We give monitor and maintain relevant content on your websites

We provide top-notch security for your websites to keep them safe from hackers

A regular check on the content and updating the website with the latest trends is a priority we never compromise on

Our team of developers make sure your website is functional all the time for your users

We keep your whole website interactive and streamlined so that customers feel engaged by your website

Apart from all these other services, we also give website consultations and help your company achieve its fullest website potential

why choose us

the regular updates we provide

We provide overall site improvements, product and service updates, interactivity maintenance and ecommerce updates

We focus on updates in all these fields in order to keep up with trends, sales, market shares and promotions in order to help viewers reach out to you and involve themselves in the purchasing of your products and services

What determines your website maintenance package?
  • Website size
  • Purpose of your website
  • Website customization
  • Growth of your business
  • Your experience on website maintenance
  • Current position of your website
  • Time dedicated for website maintenance
  • Our team fine tunes and optimizes your website and regularly monitors it with routine scans to make sure no customers leaves the website dissatisfied by the design and functionality of the website.
  • We design and develop websites but most importantly we focus on how to retain the beautiful aspects and features of the website by maintaining it with the best practices.
FAQs about Website Maintenance

Every website needs to be maintained, irrespective of its size. A website that is not regularly monitored and maintained fades out from the viewer's mind and thus resulting in the loss of brand reputation and image

Scans are regularly run on your website to detect errors and fix bugs on the website so that the functioning of your website does not become slow or stop

Website maintenance can take from a few minutes up to a whole month depending on the current conditions of your website

No, your website remains fully functional as our team works on it. We conduct routine maintenance checks while keeping in mind that your business is not affected or paused because of it.

Your requirements, models and type of app decide this. We do give you a thorough break-up of our pricing so do contact our team to know more. We give you the best pricing which is economical and cuts costs.

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