Search Engine Marketing

Establish your brand with our content strategies that are focused on delivering relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract target audience

Search Engine Marketing

Be placed on the first page of search engines with our expert SEM strategies

"With the assistance of a brilliant SEM strategy there is no place your brand cannot reach!"

In recent times, search engines have become prominent and an indispensable utility across many industries, including health care, education, ecommerce, digital marketing. They serve as a powerful marketing platform for companies to expand their audience and online presence to increase brand awareness

What is SEM?

SEM is a marketing strategy that helps increase the visibility of your brand website and reach customers at every step of their purchase cycle. Our team experts bid on keywords to enhance your ad performances on search engines. We also focus on increasing your quality score and bringing more traffic to your websites

Pay-per-click is a vital part of SEM. It is one of the best ways to target potential customers. PPC delivers fast results and increases traffic to your websites quite rapidly which makes it an important part of SEM. We can simply define PPC as buying visits your websites. You only pay for every click on your ad which makes it cost-effective as well

Search Engine Marketing

SEM involves all strategies that are implemented to increase your visibility on search engines, PPC is a sub category under SEM that helps to boost the effectiveness of your SEM strategies

SEM services that we offer
SEM services

Google Ads

We define the right campaign objective for your brand and narrow it down to the right audience with the right keywords and ad placing and execute high-performing SEM campaigns

Ad Remarketing

We retarget your potential audience using relevant ads and copies that help build a personalized brand and an impressive brand identity

Display Advertising

This service is mainly focused on making attractive images, videos and other online content that push your audience into purchasing or investing in your company

Ad Reviewing and Optimization

All ads need to be analyzed and optimized on a regular basis. We manage and oimprove your ads based on how well it is performing

Product Ad Campaigns

These ads are dedicated to promoting specific products or services with the help of visually appealing and relevant ads that represent the value of your products

SEM PPC Advertising

We focus on enhancing your ads and targeting customers to keep your brand relevant in your respective field

Google accounted for 78.39% of worldwide desktop and laptop searches in September 2021

Our search engine marketing strategy
sem strategy

Researching and analyzing keywords

We use the best research tools for the identification of high-performing keywords

Launching campaigns

We not only help you launch your campaigns but we monitor and manage your campaign settings accordingly

Account creation and Tracking

We keep a track of our SEM strategies and double-check codes to make sure it is installed correctly on your landing pages

Creating ads and developing landing pages

We help create innovative ads and link them to enhanced landing pages


We keep a check on how your campaigns are performing and optimize it based on the analysis

61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative

Benefits of SEM/PPC

Increased brand recognition

Provides instantaneous brand awareness

SEM helps reach the global audience as well as your target audience

Affordable and cost-effective method of advertising

Gives you full control of all your campaigns.

Improves your company sales

Obtain revenues swiftly

FAQs about Search Engine Marketing

It can be defined as a method of learning your customers' search engine behaviors and preparing relevant ads accordingly with a well organized end-to-end plan. This SEM strategy helps you to increase the sales of your products, thus benefiting your company.

It is a metric used by search engines to determine your ads' quality and relevance. The better the ad quality, the higher your quality score and the lesser search engines will charge you for every ad click and conversion.

This entirely depends on your package and at FyerX we analyze your needs and budget and help you find the right SEM package that suits the kind of campaigns that are required for your company.

SEM has two parts. SEO helps generate organic traffic for a particular domain and the other is PPC ads on Google and other search engines.

Search engines rank ads based on relevance by using algorithms. SEM is all about creating strategies, bidding on high-value keywords and improving your SEM strategy based on analytics to outshine your competitors.

The main difference is that SEO is focused on optimizing websites to increase organic traffic while SEM focuses on both enhancing organic traffic through SEO and paid search and ads

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