Aasabie is a unique digital platform that blends the best of social networking and e-commerce. It allows users to easily showcase and trade products, enhanced by features like a virtual trial room and negotiation bar for an enhanced user experience.


  • Buggy App & Low Sales: The previous version of the app, ‘The Pickmart’, was riddled with bugs and had extremely low sales (less than 10).

  • Lack of Brand Identity: The brand lacked a clear and consistent identity, contributing to its struggles.


  • Brand Revitalization: FyerX started by completely redefining the brand identity, introducing new colors, typography, and a focus on social networking e-commerce to differentiate AASABIE.

  • Innovative Features: FyerX implemented features like augmented reality for virtual try-ons and a creative coupon system to boost user engagement.

  • UI Redesign: A strategic UI overhaul significantly improved the user experience.

  • Successful Funding: The comprehensive transformation by FyerX was instrumental in AASABIE securing a significant funding of 1.2 Crore rupees from Jain University, Bangalore.