Betel Leaf Organic Tea offers a distinctive range of teas, including Original, Lemon, Orange, and Rose Petals Green Tea. These teas, packed in premium pyramid tea bags, combine the untapped health potential of betel leaves with authentic flavors.


  • Sales & Funding Pressure: Betel Leaf Tea needed to urgently sell 4,000 tea boxes to secure significant funding. Failure to do so within a set time would jeopardize their business.

  • Ineffective Marketing: Previous agencies struggled to deliver results. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was lower than the product’s cost, making campaigns unprofitable.

  • New Product: Betel Leaf Tea was a new and relatively unknown product, making it harder to attract customers.


  • Enhanced Visuals: FyerX improved product photography and videography to make the teas more visually appealing in marketing materials.

  • Strategic Pricing: FyerX adjusted pricing and introduced bundle offers to increase average order value, making sales more profitable.

  • Assorted Box: FyerX created an assorted box containing all flavors, broadening the product’s appeal and encouraging customers to try different varieties.

  • Targeted Advertising: FyerX focused video and carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram specifically targeting South India. This reduced courier costs and improved the efficiency of ad campaigns.

  • Success: FyerX successfully sold all the tea boxes online, enabling Betel Leaf to secure vital funding.

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