Cutyco believes beauty knows no bounds and celebrates diverse beauty narratives. They are committed to natural skincare, haircare, and bath & body products that are both effective and gentle, harnessing the power of botanicals while avoiding harsh chemicals.


  • Outdated Website: Cutyco’s website was poorly designed and did not effectively communicate the premium quality of their natural products. This hindered their online presence and sales.

  • Limited Brand Awareness: Cutyco struggled with low brand recognition, making it difficult to attract new customers and compete in the natural beauty market.


  • Website Revamp: FyerX redesigned Cutyco’s website, strategically using graphics and mockups to create a premium look and feel, even with limited resources for photoshoots.
  • Focus on Natural Beauty: The website’s redesign emphasized Cutyco’s commitment to natural ingredients and products.
  • Results: The enhanced website improved Cutyco’s brand image and ultimately boosted sales both online and offline.