Grassyfy is a brand dedicated to providing premium wooden cold-pressed oils that embody purity and tradition. Their carefully curated selection, which includes Virgin Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil, emphasizes quality and sustainability.


  • Limited Online Presence: Under their previous name, NK Organic Foods, the brand lacked a strong digital presence and struggled to educate customers about the benefits of authentic wood cold-pressed oils.


  • Comprehensive Rebranding: FyerX led the transformation of NK Organic Foods into Grassyfy. This involved creating the brand’s entire visual identity, including a dedicated e-commerce website and stationery.

  • Increased Online Sales: The rebranding efforts resulted in a significant boost in online sales for Grassyfy, along with enhanced customer loyalty.

  • Product Line Expansion: The success driven by FyerX has enabled Grassyfy to expand their product line with 8 new organic products.