Indirasa specializes in pure A2 desi ghee crafted using the traditional Bilona method. They offer their ghee in 1L, 500ml, and 250ml bottles, preserving the authentic flavors of India’s culinary tradition. Indirasa has expanded to include unique flavored ghees (cinnamon, tulsi, curry leaves), aloe vera gel, and luxurious ghee cream.


  • Lackluster Branding: Previously known as Jiivan, the brand had weak branding and struggled with sales despite its premium product.

  • Ineffective Marketing: The previous agency’s efforts failed to justify the premium pricing of Indirasa’s ghee.


  • Comprehensive Rebranding: FyerX spearheaded a rebranding initiative, introducing the name “Indirasa”. This included premium packaging design, a new logo, and a captivating brand video to effectively communicate the brand’s value.

  • Strategic Marketing & Pricing: FyerX implemented a well-defined marketing, pricing, and promotional strategy to boost sales across all platforms.

  • Product Line Expansion: The success driven by FyerX’s efforts enabled Indirasa to confidently expand their product line – a testament to their growth.