Plumeria By J, founded by Jeyashilpa, is a contemporary women’s designer brand inspired by the beauty of Plumeria flowers. It offers chic, timeless outfits in dreamy prints and bold colors, emphasizing positivity, individuality, sustainability, and catering to diverse sizes.


  • Limited Sales Channels: Plumeria by Jeyashilpa relied heavily on WhatsApp and Instagram for sales, leading to excess inventory and low profits.

  • Inefficient Influencer Marketing: Their influencer marketing efforts were expensive and yielded limited returns.


  • E-commerce Expansion: FyerX created a dedicated e-commerce website for Plumeria, providing an organized platform to showcase their collections effectively.

  • Enhanced Visuals: FyerX used professional photography and videography to elevate the presentation of new collections, making them more appealing to potential customers.

  • Impressive Results: Fyerx’s strategies resulted in a significant sales increase for Plumeria, exceeding their previous performance by more than eight times.

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