Brand Identity

Make your brand impactful and memorable with creative brand visuals that are the core identity of your brand

Create an impactful brand identity with FyerX

"62% of the millennials think online content will help build brand loyalty"

A brand’s identity is instrumental in making the brand memorable and successful. It is important to build a strong brand in order to create long-term values for your brand that help in enduring genuine bonds with your customers.

Brand identity is who you are an organization and this needs to be an impactful and clear statement which resonates all aspects of your business. In today’s digital marketplace, businesses have less than milliseconds to create a lasting impression on their customers.


Your brand identity tells people who you are, what you do and how you do it and most importantly WHY you do it

brand identity

Why is brand identity important ?

With millions and millions of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, it becomes crucial to develop a strong brand identity in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors

What is the difference?

“Brand” and “logo” are not the same. 

A logo is a symbol of your business but it is not the entirety of the brand. It is in fact, just a small step in creating a brand identity. But many a time, we come across people who interchange both these terms.

How We Help You With Brand Identity

Product and Service Naming

Conjure up creative names for products and services


Brand Tagline

A catchy tagline is the first step to create a memorable brand identity


Logo Design

Our designers expertise in creating impactful logos


Typography & Design Elements

We choose accurate fonts, color and focus on all the elements required to create a strong brand identity


Package Design

We provide the best elements of design for your products & make it easier to market


Brand Guideline

We provide services such as brand book creation, strategizing the design of brand guidelines, etc.,


Brochure & Promotion material

We provide exceptional brochures that are eye-catchy and promote your brand


Corporate Presentation

We create formal presentations for your brand to highlight your brand’s professionalism


Explainer Video

We make  visually appealing videos about your brand products and services to increase customer engagement

Our Brand Identity strategy

"Your brand identity portrays your brand values so portray it exclusively with FyerX"

FAQs about Brand Identity

Each message by your brand needs to have a purpose and needs to be able to showcase what your company stands for.

  • Brand identity can be expressed in many ways including visual and verbal tools.
  • Visual branding is compromised of logos, fonts, colors, image types, wordmarks, followed by how it is all conveyed to the public.
  • Verbal brand identity includes messaging, organization's name, tagline, slogan, etc.
  • Visual and verbal tools should work together to express your uniqueness to reach a wider audience

It includes typography, logos, packaging and messaging. It complements and reinforces the reputation of a brand.

The four elements of a strong brand is the brand identity, brand image, brand culture and brand personality.

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