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Influencers are the new supermodels; they are the new athletes, they are the new celebrities.

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Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the marketing world. It has transformed the way brands communicate with their audience and has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. By partnering with influencers, brands can leverage their social media following to reach a wider audience and build credibility for their products or services.


According to a report by, the Indian influencer marketing industry is expected to grow to $75 million by 2025.

According to a study by Rakuten Advertising, 77% of consumers in India have made a purchase based on an influencer's recommendation.

Another survey by Buzzoka found that 57% of influencers in India charge less than INR 50,000 per sponsored post, while 27% charge between INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 per post.

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Why is Influencer marketing important?

Builds Trust and

Drives Conversions
and Sales

Influencer Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Increases Social Media Following
and Engagement

Reaches Targeted

Boosts Brand Awareness

Generates Authentic

The Influencer Marketing Process By FyerX

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that can help you leverage the power of influencer marketing, look no further than FyerX. Our team of experts can help you develop a strategy, identify the right influencers, and manage your campaigns from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more.

Step 1

Strategy Development

Design Thinking Step 2

Influencer identification

Step 3

Outreach and negotiation

Step 4

Content creation and approval

Step 5

Campaign management

Frequently Asked Questions

 Any business can benefit from influencer marketing – however, the key is to find the right influencers that align with your brand and target audience. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, there are influencers out there who can help you reach your goals.

There are several metrics that can be used to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign, including engagement rates, follower growth, website traffic, and sales. At FyerX, we work with our clients to determine the most relevant metrics for their specific campaign objectives.

 Before working with an influencer, we establish clear brand guidelines and provide them to the influencer for approval. We also work closely with influencers throughout the content creation process to ensure that the content meets our client’s expectations.

We use a combination of industry tools and our network of contacts to identify influencers that align with our client’s brand values and target audience. We also analyze their engagement rates, follower demographics, and content to ensure that they are a good fit for our clients.

The cost of an influencer marketing campaign can vary widely depending on the scope of the campaign, the size and reach of the influencers, and the content being created. At FyerX, we work with our clients to develop campaigns that meet their budgets and deliver the best possible results.

We vet all influencers before partnering with them to ensure that they have a history of creating authentic, high-quality content and engaging with their audience in an ethical manner. We also monitor their content and engagement throughout the campaign to ensure that they continue to uphold our clients’ brand values.

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