Waffletino is a Bangalore-based brand specializing in delicious treats like Classic Waffles, Ice Cream Waffles, Chocolate Waffles, Pancakes, Shakes, and Fries. With two new branches opening in the city, they aim to increase their visibility and reach.


  • Basic Brand Identity: Waffletino’s initial branding lacked a premium feel, hindering its ability to stand out in a competitive market.

  • Minimal Online Presence: The brand was primarily active on social media with limited engagement, and they did not have a dedicated website.


  • Preserving Brand Familiarity: FyerX recognized the value of the existing logo and color scheme, opting to enhance these rather than drastically changing the brand identity.

  • Upgraded Physical Presence: FyerX designed custom wall art and essential collaterals (like menus, packaging, etc.) to create an inviting and appealing atmosphere in both new and existing Waffletino outlets.

  • Premium Website: Most importantly, FyerX developed a premium website for Waffletino. This significantly boosted the brand’s online presence and gave it a more sophisticated image.