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Indian Celebrity Weddings and Marketing Relations: A Glance into Extravagance and Brand Associations   

The Showbiz Extravaganza   The showbiz phenomenon Marketing in the vibrant world of Indian celebrity weddings isn’t just about promoting products—it’s about creating an experience, an unforgettable surprise that not only convinces attendees but nation all of them believe. These weddings are more than wedding celebrations. Events are carefully planned to attract attention and leave a lasting impression. Indian celebrity weddings …

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Valentine Day – Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022

Valentine Day – Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 Table of contents 1. Celebrating stories of love 2. Skinn by Titan 3. Cadbury 5 Star 4. WOW Skin Science 5. Nykaa 6. Fresh To Home 7. Tata Cliq 8. Wrapping Up How Indian brands celebrated stories of love Indian brands never cease to amaze when it comes to Valentine’s Day campaigns. …

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