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Stopping Advertising to Save Money is Like Stopping Your Watch to Save Time

Putting an end to advertising in order to save money is similar to taking the battery out of your watch in order to gain some more time. Henry Ford, the renowned businessman who was responsible for the production of the first affordable car for the American middle class, is credited with coining this insightful remark.

Time is inevitable. Time is not something that can be halt or slowed down by anybody. Someone who attempts to save time by stopping the watch is a very dumb move. In the same manner, a firm cannot expand without marketing its products and services. A firm may be propelled to the pinnacle of its industry with the help of effective marketing. In light of this, giving up advertising in an effort to save money would be a really foolish decision.

A company’s potential for increased sales might be significantly boosted by effective marketing and promotion. Advertising, which plays an important part in the commercial world, is essential to the expansion of the organization. For example, if you run a little internet business of selling cosmetics and other beauty supplies, you have to let people know that your company really does exist. For this reason, advertising is an essential step that brings people’s attention to a company and enables them to learn more about it.

Secondly, you may educate visitors via advertising that your website is offering specials and discounts of all types. Thirdly, the features and improvements that your website give may be made accessible by advertising alone.

For instance, take the Nykaa's creative marketing approach

The marketing technique that Nykaa used was flawlessly congruent with the purchasing patterns of their target demographic.

The marketing team was aware of how hectic their customers’ lives were and how uncomfortable it would be for them to leave their homes in order to purchase cosmetics and other health goods. As a result, they made it as easy as possible for consumers to make online purchases. As a result, Nykaa came to the conclusion that it would be best to operate only online, without any real shops to begin with.

Instead of waiting for consumers to come into the shop, Nykaa reached out to them immediately via online advertising.

In addition, for its online-only presence, Nykaa targeted particular audience demographics, created a content strategy focused on video, and implemented typical online media strategies such as search engine optimization, influence marketing, and email marketing which are part of advertisement.

Another example is Nykaa’s hot pink sell or the Nykaa’s Independence Day sell.

Customers get access to a substantial amount of savings on a variety of products, Thanks to all of these sales. How will the website make the information available to the prospective customers? In this context, advertising plays a significant role in informing consumers about the availability of various sorts of deals.

Now let’s take a look at how Did Grammarly Manage to Stealthily Grow Its Userbase to 6.9 million on a Daily Basis in Just 9 Years?

Grammarly achieved enormous success via the implementation of market strategies, the enhancement of their app and advertisement played the crucial role in paving the way to their great success.

Initially, they promoted their grammar-checking services on Facebook; however, they quickly discovered that this was insufficient and switched to another advertising platform. They also began promoting their content on other platforms, such as YouTube. Over the course of the previous year, Grammarly invested more than one hundred million dollars in advertising across digital platforms and major television networks last year.

Hence, just like you wouldn’t stop watering a plant to see it grow, you shouldn’t stop promoting your company to see it grow either. In nutshell, one of the most important aspects of company’s development is advertising.

Blog post author : Shyamalima Dutta