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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses In 2023

why digital marketing is important

Do you know that 85 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online? This implies that your business will lose potential customers without an online presence. In the present digital age, it is paramount for small businesses to make use of digital channels to optimize their business prospects

Why do small businesses in India need to invest in Online Marketing

According to the IAMAI-Kantar ICUBE 2020 report, the number of active internet users in India is expected to increase by 45% and touch 900 million by 2025.

Hence small businesses should implement digital marketing techniques to reach out to a global audience. The first thing to do is to build a digital presence followed by online research to understand both the market and the competitors.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is vital to building a strong online presence to attract prospects and convert them into customers. Following are the key benefits of digital transformation:-

1. More marketing with less money

Advertising online is budget-friendly and cheaper compared to traditional marketing. Online marketing is the most cost-effective way for a business to grow its brand as it gives your brand a wider reach


2. Builds Customer loyalty

Customers form the backbone of any business. Building a strong bond with customers comes easily through digital presence due to constant interaction and personalized services

3. Connect with Potential customers

With digital marketing, small businesses can reach the target audience. Web marketing allows you to reach out to your prospects through ads, hashtags, and other tools

why digital marketing is important

4. Allows For Efficient Tracking

With a sound strategy, it’s easy for businesses to track and monitor website traffic, conversion rates, impressions, and engagement. This can help in analyzing what is working and what is not and adjusting marketing strategy over time

5. Brand Awareness  

Online marketing is highly effective to reach out to both local and global audiences and build meaningful connections.  


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